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After 2013’s CURSE OF THE SCARAB, which introduced Honey, a Great Dane with a big heart and a bit of a slobber problem, Lilah and I were eager to read the second in the series. This adventure/mystery is set at a dog show, returning for the first time in ten years to the showgrounds supposedly haunted by the dogs who perished in a fire the last time the dog show was held there. As Honey is called into service to impersonate a show dog, one Best in Show contender after another falls victim to strange accidents. Can Honey and friends get to the bottom of mysteries both past and present?

Lilah’s short review: “I love this book. I want to read a million more Big Honey Dog mysteries. I like the way the animals work together and solve the mystery.”

I’m with Lilah. Let’s read a million more Big Honey Dog mysteries. We’ve read the first two full-length novels twice, as well as the three holiday-themed novellas, and we never get tired of them. A first-“person” novel from the point of view of a dog could be ridiculous or tedious, but in Hanna’s hands, it’s delightful. Honey is self-conscious about her drool problem, curious, and eager to help others. Some of her friends from the first novel return to this one, and we also meet a few new ones. As in the first book, not judging others by their appearance, heritage, or first impressions is illustrated without being heavy-handed, and there’s a lovely lesson of forgiveness in SECRET IN TIME that made both of us tear up. At the same time, references to the dogs leaving “pee mail” for each other or exclaiming, “Holy liver treat!” and the like made us chuckle. The mystery is engaging and suspenseful, with a satisfying resolution.

This is a fun ghost story/mystery from the point-of-view of a well-developed character who happens to be a dog. Highly recommend, and we look forward to reading #3.

Our review of BIG HONEY DOG MYSTERIES #1, CURSE OF THE SCARAB, is right here.

Source disclosure: I received an e-galley of this title courtesy of the author.