The premise of this short novel is fantastic: psychologist David Druas has a patient who sees mysterious doors everywhere–and only he can see them. Eventually, Dr. Druas begins to notice the doors as well, and they lead him into amazing worlds. When his patient turns up murdered, Druas is the prime suspect and uses the doors to evade capture. Doesn’t that sound like a good read? I thought so too. The problem is in execution. The book is too short for the plethora of points-of-view Brako uses here, and I found myself constantly pulled out of the thread of the story to adjust to yet another viewpoint. I never really developed sympathy for any of the characters, none of whom is particularly well-developed. The whole thing felt sketched, so I never felt invested.

All in all, a disappointing read, but an amazing premise.

Source disclosure: I received an e-galley of this title courtesy of the publisher.