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otterspottedfrogWhat a gorgeous book. This is a retelling of the Creek Indian tale of the Great Flood and an origin story of humans. Listener the otter is the only one to pay attention when Spotted Frog sings of a coming disaster. He heeds the warnings and builds a raft, surviving when the flood finally comes. The other animals are turned into mosquitoes, searching in vain for food. Eventually Listener and his otter-wife (now a mosquito) become First Woman and First Man.

This is a lovely fable, and it held my seven-year-old’s attention. She praised Listener for listening to his friend when no one else would, and she enjoyed the origin story. We both loved this delightful tale with its lush illustrations. Highly recommended to parents interested in sharing mythology with their children. It would open a fascinating discussion of comparative religion (the story is strikingly similar to Noah and the great flood in the bible). There is also a theme of listening to nature that is more than relevant today.

Source disclosure: I received an e-galley of this title courtesy of the publisher.