nosneezepetI read this book aloud to my six-year-old (at the time) daughter, and she loved it. As far as read-alouds go, it didn’t hold as much interest for me as other series, but she could easily read it herself (we alternated reading chapters to each other), and she adored it. Emma desperately wants a pet she can cuddle, but her mom is allergic to fur! What to do? Emma’s best friends, Mia and Kyle, take this as a challenge and visit a pet shop, veterinarian, and other friends to find the perfect pet for Emma and her mother. There are interesting animal facts scattered throughout that my daughter really liked, and Mia and Kyle’s determination to help their friend is charming. They don’t give up easily, either. Faced with discouraging information, they soldier on, adjust their approach, and refuse to give up. The messages of friendship and determination are lovely. I also thought the focus on a pet that would work for Emma and her mother was excellent. Emma doesn’t dwell excessively on wishing her mother’s allergy away: she and her friends accept it as a given and look for a solution that takes it into account.

Lilah’s reaction: “The friends were really nice to help Emma solve her problem.” “I liked learning about the different animals they thought about as pets.”

Recommended for early chapter book readers with a love of animals.

Source disclosure: I received an e-galley of this title courtesy of the publisher.