furryandfloFlo Gardner has moved several times since her father died, but nowhere as creepy as Corman Towers, the ominous apartment building at the center of this series debut. Flo adjusts to a new place again, but the real story begins when she makes friends with Furry (short for Ferdinand), the boy she had earlier seen running the halls in his underwear. And he’s the werewolf who stole her popsicles. The two unlikely friends team up to tackle the Big Hairy Problem – giant spiders coming from a strange portal in the basement. My daughter (first grade) and I breezed through this fun book. I think she’s the perfect age for it, though Flo is in fourth grade. Children who like their scary stories truly terrifying will be disappointed, but children (like mine) who prefer a bit of humor to temper their horror will eat this series up. I enjoyed reading it aloud (and the cartoon-like illustrations are darling).

Lilah really enjoyed getting to know Flo and she was delighted when she and Furry became friends. She was totally engrossed in their adventure, and she agreed that the illustrations were the perfect complement to the light story. She also noted that it wasn’t *really* scary, just the kind of scary that’s fun.

This would probably be a good choice for reluctant readers, with its high interest and fast-paced plot. Children interested in the paranormal will also enjoy.

Source disclosure: I received an e-galley of this title courtesy of the publisher.