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This book was just good fun. Set in 1956, it follows reluctant private investigator Lee Plunkett as he looks into the death of eccentric, wealthy inventor Trexler Lloyd, who ostensibly died when his Spectricator, a machine intended for use in communicating with spirits, malfunctions. Lee inherited the family business, but he isn’t particularly committed to the job. Fortunately, he has the well-read Irishman Mr. O’Nelligan to keep him motivated and add insights. The array of suspects is quirky and fun, a veritable game of CLUE. Plunkett, led by O’Nelligan, tries to untangle truth from lies

Plunkett is an interesting choice for protagonist. He doesn’t want to be an investigator (he was drawn into the family business) and he isn’t much of a go-getter. This would make for a terribly boring book if it weren’t for his interactions with O’Nelligan. Together, they make a fun team to follow. Plunkett, a determined skeptic, must pretend to be a psychic in order to investigate the murder, and this makes for plenty of funny moments.

An entertaining light mystery with an old-fashioned feel. Great fun.

Source disclosure: I received an e-galley of this title courtesy of the publisher.