I guess I’ll classify this one as “meh,” but as it turns out to be the eleventh in the series, I think I’ll go back to the beginning and give the first a try. Unfortunately, the publisher decided to publish the eleventh book in English before any others, and the seventh after that, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when that might be possible. It’s a bizarre choice for a series. KILLER’S ISLAND was interesting and started out with promise, using the Gotland myth of the White Sea-Lady, a drowned bride who lures men to their deaths, to tie various threads together.

This is the Maria Wern series, centered on a detective in Sweden, but this installment was hijacked a bit by Erika Lund, Maria’s friend who is dating a doctor. It is my understanding that the novels generally follow Maria more closely, and I think I would have preferred that. Ultimately, my failure to identify with Maria, along with an over-reliance on coincidence, that earns this novel a “meh” rating, but the use of myth intrigued me enough that I will read the first book if ever it should come out in English.

Source disclosure: I received an e-galley of this book courtesy of the publisher.